The State of Cybersecurity

You hello we’m John Ford with silicon angle news co-host of the Q we are right here regarding ground in Santa Clara Ca Centrify head office with Tom campus CEO of Centrify and param kept Akari that’s the co-founder and senior other IC internet protocol address which is the Institute of critical infrastructure technologies right here to mention security discussion guides welcome to the cubes regarding ground thank you great become right here great to see you again Tom yeah positively about we understand your success and apparently gum cloud is hot we had been simply in DC with Amazon Web solutions public sector summit and it’s gotten more to the point in which cyber is regarding front discussion in political discussion regarding commercial part plus incidents happening daily simply simply this past thirty days HBO Game of Thrones has been out i jacked and went we guess that’s ransomware theoretically attack the tie profile but situation after situation of visible in market yeah fine regarding commercial part public sector part no one understands exactly what’s happening why is security evolving slow now why is it going faster can you dudes mention hawaii of the security market.

Yeah well you understand we think first you must examine the landscape we mean our public and private sector companies are being pummeled daily by nation-states mercenaries cyber criminals script kids cyber jihadis and they’re exploiting vulnerabilities being inherent in our antiquated legacy systems being put together by you understand with the Frankenstein you understand system plus devices and systems and apps being built without security by design and we’re seeing the results as you stated right we’re seeing an inundation of breaches on a daily basis and many more that we cannot hear about we’re seeing weaponized information Susan being weaponized and utilized against us to make us question the integrity of our democratic procedure and and we’re seeing now arise and consider exactly what could be the outcome of a cyber kinetic event which fundamentally in worst situation situation could have a losing life so we think as we mention cyber and exactly what its we’re attempting to achieve as a community we fundamentally have a duty to raise the discussion making sure it’s perhaps not an option but its important yeah no look we mean right here we are in a situation in which the industry is investing near 80 billion dollars a year and it’s growing 10per cent but the range attacks are increasing much more than 10per cent and as parm you understand we literally had an election impacted by cybersecurity it’s regarding front page with HBO etc and we think that we’re now in a situation in which we should rethink exactly how we do security in as enterprises and it’s also people and it seemed you thought that simply HBO dual federal government.

You talked about that simply the chaos goes on in America you very nearly cannot understand what you cannot understand and with with the whole news period going all around this but this Quebec this idea of critical infrastructure we love that name you have inside title we CIT Institute of critical infrastructure because truly the federal government has has critical infrastructure there’s been bridges and roadways and whatnot they’ve had the DNS servers has been some critical infrastructure to the airports and whatnot but the company’s of could of limpa trust used to be leading door and their information center now a cloud no perimeter we’ve mentioned this regarding cube before you start to alter the idea with critical infrastructure therefore we guess Parham what’s a grid of literature should mean from a public and commercial perspective.

Tom you’ll mention it and exactly what’s the priorities the organizations and federal government to figure out exactly what’s the order of operations getting to the bottom of making sure really safe yeah it’s interesting it’s a great question you understand whenever people think about critical infrastructure as legacy technology or legacies you understand it’s roadways bridges dams but if you examine the Department of Homeland protection they have 16 sectors they are tasked with protecting includes healthcare finance power communications right so as we see technology start to become more and more ingrained in all these different sectors and we’re perhaps not simply discussing information we’re discussing ICS information systems a digital attack against anyone of these critical infrastructure sectors can have varieties of outcomes whether you’re discussing a commercial sector organization or the federal government.

You understand among what we constantly mention is it’s really the value of elevating the discussion as we talked about early in the day and and placing security before profits we think fundamentally we’ve gotten to the situation because a lot of organizations do a cost-benefit analysis therefore you understand exactly what maybe in medical sector and fundamentally it’ll be cheaper for me become breach pay my fines handle potentially also losing to brand name you understand it’s up to my brand name and terms of brand name value and that’ll be cheaper than investing exactly what we must to protect my clients and their information and that’s the incorrect method to examine it we think now as we had been discussing this week the cost of all this goes greater which will assist but we think we must start seeing as fundamental brain change and exactly how we are prioritizing security as we talked about early in the day it’s perhaps not an option it must be a requisite yeah we think exactly what we’re seeing now’s in years past the hackers would get at some bits of information but now we’re seeing with HBO with Sony they can strip-mine a whole business write about business we mean exactly the money they’re doing with ransomware would seem slightly greater profile ransomware we mean there’s a specific business outcome right here.

It’s perhaps not searching good they get out of business oh positively so Centrify we just recently sponsored a study and nowadays if you announce you got breach and you must announce because you must inform your investors you must inform your customers your stock drops normally 5per cent in everyday so we’re discussing billions of dollars of market capitalization that can disappear completely with the breach too so we’re beyond it’s like oh they sold some information we’ll distribute a we’ll distribute a page to our customers and we’ll give them free experience for a year or something like that now it’s like your internet protocol address all content and in John we think you raised an excellent point too regarding the government it’s nevertheless about the infrastructure being real things and naturally with online of Things it’s now connected to the online so it’s really frightening that a bridge can flip open by some man in Ukraine or Russia you understand fiddling it with it however with enterprises it’s less and less real the shop and we’re now going through this massive change to the cloud and more of your internet protocol address is managed and operate it’s the complete d perimeter ization that makes things more complicated something you talked about the commercial aspect of it with the connection because this is a real issue with self traffic vehicles this is anyone’s brain we’re simply addressing us content addressing Ford’s occasion yesterday in San Francisco again it sees problem unpacking in vehicles therefore commercial commercial IOT starts up again the area but this kind of brings the question down to customers.

you dudes have more organizations or governments exactly how do they be resilient exactly how are they exactly how do they place steps in spot because you understand simply chatting to some one who operates a major port in US and issues there are maritime right therefore you mention automobile infrastructure container vessels demonstrably worried about terrorism other things bad things happen but simply the basic IT infrastructure is Neanderthal it’s like 30 years old yeah so you have legacy infrastructure as you talked about but organizations have legacy how do you balance in which you are exactly how do you understand the progress club of your security exactly how do you understand things you must put in place exactly how do you get to resilience yeah we but see we think there also must be a rethink of security because the traditional methods people did it had been protecting the perimeter having anti-virus fire walls at cetera but things have really changed so now exactly what we’re seeing is identification became the the atop attack vector planning so if you examine all these hacks and breaches it’s the stealing of usernames and passwords so people are doing a good job of therefore the hackers are social engineering the users so kind of a focus requires the change of securing the old perimeter to targeting securing the user is it really John Fourier attempting to access email can we leverage biometrics in this and attempting to move to the concept of zero trust model and in which you must can’t trust the system can’t trust the ip but you must factor in a lot of different Africa eyes simply follow a tale about blockchain did we have a lot of blockchain immutable constantly encrypted no-pocalypse which are yeah this is regular wall whenever they shop them.

Like now we have that encrypted information fine this is the hackers are fast therefore again right back to organizations because they have to place they have shareholder issues or they have some business governance issues in the times of moving train exactly how does the federal government offer support exactly how do organizations place it in spot one thing you’ll do yeah well from there’s a few things you’ll examine first you understand as a think-tank we are active on money while working with users of both majority majority edges who’re earnestly proposing bipartisan legislation which provides meaningful motion ahead to secure and address some of the issues you’re discussing senator Markey recently released the cyber shield act with creates a kind of rating right for an unit kind of like the Energy Star and in power sector therefore simply this week we stated he released a paper in support of an amendment by Senator Lindsey Graham which really addresses the inherent vulnerabilities in our election systems right therefore there’s a lot of good work being done and that really goes to the core of exactly what we do and reason that we’re partnering together we see we see is in the business of educating and advising we released research we make it easily available we cannot think in commoditizing information we think in liberating it therefore we get into hand as people possible and we get this objective research and utilize it as a stepping stone to educate and to advise and it could be through conferences could be through events because we through conversations with the news but we think this educational procedure is really critical to start to alter the brain assuming we can increase that we think exactly what really must be done with security is better information sharing and it’s it’s with other governments and enterprises being under attack sharing that information as opposed to just having it for themselves and their advantage and also exactly what’s needed is better knowledge of exactly what are top methods that must be done to better protect both federal government and enterprises because we want to shift gears and mention cyber connected and which is approaching in November an industry occasion you dudes are sponsoring.

Centrify would you dudes are also involved in spreading the content program Jenna dependent occasion is targeted on industry perhaps not as an gentrifying group we want to place you in spot before we get to the sent the cyber connect occasion yeah you talked about the elections exactly what’s the basic that we’m Silicon Valley so i’ll ask the question because you’re in trenches down in DC what’s the basic sentiment in DC now because we had been explaining to my son the other day of like yeah the questions most likely hacked everyone so theoretically the election falen for that marketplace Basket evacs therefore maybe they did hack your self so it’s we’m simply hand waving that but it most likely makes feeling the question is exactly how genuine is the hacking risk in minds of the folks in DC around Russia and potentially Asia in this area.

We think the the risk is positively genuine but we think there’s become a huge difference between news on both edges politicizing the discussion there’s a huge difference between somebody planning and really you understand changing your vote from one part to the other additionally the discussion about the weaponization of information and exactly what we do understand that Russia does with regards to having armies of trolls available who’re with fake pages and are producing full conversations and sneering general public sentiment of perception in instructions that maybe had beenn’t currently there so we think component of the hysteria that we see we think we’re afraid and we have a right to be afraid but we think using the emotion and politics out of it and really doing forensic assessments on an objective perspective to understand exactly what certainly goes on we are having our information taken there is a danger that a nation-state could perform a very high impact digital attack that a losing life we do understand that international states are trying to affect the outcomes of our democratic processes we think it’s essential to understand though exactly how are they doing it and is exactly what we’re reading about certainly exactly what’s happening kind of regarding streets and that’s in which the commercial thing you’re kind of tying together top lobster why possible utilizing digital as an attack vector into something that could have a real and openly why yeah we covered also that tale that had been released on a fake news infrastructure it’s perhaps not simply the content they’re making up it’s really the infrastructure now fake news bottom nets and whatnot we think micro penned a tale on us in which they really detailed you could you’ll smear journalist 240k.

Yeah he’s frequently available being built for particularly these counter programs added service you understand gonna forum regarding deep web and you can contract these types of things out we mean that’s it we’re available and exactly what do you tell your typical United states buddies you state hey having a cocktail whether you’re at supper exactly what’s happening with security exactly what do you state something you should be worried relax but we’re on it exactly what’s the message you share with your friends beingn’t in industry personally we think the message is you understand you must be vigilant you must may be annoying but you do must exercise good cyber hygiene think about your passwords think about what you’re sharing on social news.

We also talk and personally believe that some of these things wont alter unless we as consumers change what’s acceptable to us if we stop buying devices or systems or apps considering the convenience that brings to our everyday lives and we state we’m perhaps not gonna purchase that car because we cannot understand if it’s safe enough for me you’ll see industry modification rapidly so human being behavior is critical positively definitely a piece of it alright guys therefore exciting occasion approaching the cube are addressing cyber connect occasion in November the date we think November 6 or 7 to 6 & 7 in nyc’s grand ia mention the curriculum because this is a unique occasion in which you dudes are attracting your sponsorship to the table for providing an innocent open industry occasion mm-hmm exactly what’s the curriculum exactly what’s the agenda.

Exactly what’s the purpose of the occasion yeah fine we’ll take it yeah we mean historically like other security vendors we’ve had our users conference right and exactly what we found is as you alluded to that simply must be better training of exactly what’s happening so as an alternative of simply restricting it to us chatting to our customers about us we should broaden the discussion so that’s why we introduced we CIT to really assist us broaden the discussion.

Raise more awareness and visibility for exactly what must be done therefore this is a pretty unique seminar because we’re having a lot of CISOs from some incredible enterprise plus federal government general Alexander the type of the cyber security demand is a keynote but we have the CEO of Aetna Blue Cross involved too so we want to raise awareness in terms of exactly what are top methods exactly what are the leading minds contemplating security and in parallel also for our customers we’re going to have a parallel track in which if they want getting more product concentrated technology therefore this is not Centrify occasion this is an industry occasion you understand blackhat is great RSA is great but it’s really more of the kind of the bits and bytes are very narrow but right here’s the but you’re just an identification player yeah there’s a bigger issue exactly what about these other issues will you simply get a little there we get yeah please stand it hello there’s an identification or is it more well it positively is many this is among the reasons simply at a macro level of the work that we’ve done with Centrify for several years now you understand we have shared equivalent philosophy that we have a duty as experts in cyber space to move a ahead and to really uh yes in very nearly a cybersecurity Renaissance if you’ll so this is really the vision behind cyber Connect.

So if you examine the curriculum we’re discussing business espionage and exactly how it’s impacting commercial companies we’re discussing the role of machine learning based synthetic cleverness we’ll be discussing the value of encrypting your information about security by design about exactly what’s happening with the botnet epidemic that’s available therefore there absolute are a really balanced program and it is again driven and grounded because research at id CIT is placing out in relationships that we have with of these key players therefore Institute of critical with the framework technology the think tank they’ve gear the co-founder of has those world you bringing that broad agenda to cyber connect right that’s proper positively therefore this is awesome congratulations we reached ask regarding idea leadership part you dudes were working together can simply mention your relationship between Centrify and high CIT that’s your independent you dudes are a vendor so exactly what this relationship why it’s therefore essential to this occasion well positively we mean look as a protection vendor you understand a lot of big portion of security vendors sell into the the US government and through those conversations that a lot of the CISOs at these governments had been pointing us to these we see IT dudes right and we got awareness and visibility through that and it had been like they had been simply doing great stuff in terms of discussing yes Centrify is a leading identification provider but people want for a complete solution and seeking a balanced method to examine it so we felt that it is a great opportunity to partner with these dudes so we sponsored occasion they did wintertime summit and then and they did such a great job and content had been amazing individuals they’d that we stated you understand exactly what make this more of a general thing and let’s simply let’s be in the background assisting enhance this but let the people you understand hear about this good information identified town model no because this is really exactly what’s works.

You reached enable your allowing this discussion and above ever in streets with love getting your perspective on this is there’s an ethos developing has been developments expanding aggressively kind of open source on one part but protection’s about information sharing you talked about it’s positively supporting standpoint it’s more of a statutory filing but right here because security space is extremely communicated they’ve talked to each other and there’s a trust relationship therefore you’re basically bringing an independent occasion you’re funding it yeah positively it’s perhaps not your again it’s that an independent occasion positively yeah so we mean Kahn stated it very well you understand as an Institute we count regarding cap financial money that comes in from our lovers like Centrify so we would be unable to deliver at a major the value that we do to the legislative community to federal agencies available sector and Institute’s researches being shared on NATO libraries and embassies around the world therefore we mean this is it it’s a really an international procedure that we have so whenever we mention layered security right we’re perhaps not into a silver bullet solution a lot of you understand movement experts available state I have the answer we understand that there’s a layered approach must be done Centrify they have a technology that plays part because but more essential of that for us is they share that same philosophy and we do see ourselves of being capable usher in modification that’s needed to move everything ahead so it’s been integrating we have a lot of lot of plans regarding next two years ahead you understand that’s great work you bring some great content to the table that’s exactly what people want and they they can see that’s allowing it such great business model for everybody we reached ask one question though about your business we love the clinical infrastructure focus and we like your value you dudes are bringing but you dudes have this other program can you mention this though you’re component of the fellows yeah well an unlevel and we want to state accreditations not good presence.

it’s a badge so it’s a club you dudes understand that’s perhaps not as lame the other from that’s a great question on Institute that we have a core team of experts who represent different technology niches they constitute our other program so as we discussed earlier whenever we’re placing out research whenever we’re educating the news whenever we’re advising Congress whenever doing the work of the Institute we’re constantly switching right back to our other program users to provide some of that research and expertise and and sharing you understand perhaps not simply providing financial money but really bringing that idea leadership to the table Centrify is part of our Fellows Program so we’ve been working with that for several years it’s really exclusive and there’s a procedure you must be introduced in by existing other program member we have a lot of needs but it really comes down to do you understand exactly what we’re attempting to achieve do you share our same mission our same values and can you be part of this elite community that we’ve built so you understand centra pfizer a big component of that and cloud Asti is accelerating everything offering cloud action truly inside space and we understand exactly what’s happening our world yeah positively we’re also moving a zillion miles an hour it’s like literally moving train therefore congratulations cyber link a vent in November great occasion check it out the cube are there we’ll have real time coverage we broadcast and be documenting all action and delivering Theon the qrc Silk’n angle comm and John for a year here at Centrify headquarters in Ca in Silicon Valley thanks for viewing

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