The Best Personal Defense Tools and How to Use Them

A little bit of preparation, a few tools, a little bit of knowledge can make you safe, or you could walk out there and roll the dice.
I’m James Williams. I design knives and personal defense tools for CRKT. I teach close quarter battle to police and military. I teach civilian personal defense and edged weapon use. Personal defense isn’t about fighting. If you’re already in fighting, you’ve made a series of mistakes. You park your car during the day and you come out after dark, it’s not the same place anymore. So as you start moving through, you just look what’s possible?

Could somebody hide here or could they be there? The biggest thing is awareness. The single best tool is the tactical flashlight. As you can see down some of the streets, it’s dark. You could walk by something you couldn’t see in to and somebody could come out of there. You never walk by a dark hole. You always light it up before you get there. I don’t want to walk past it not having to clear it. So bad guy. So you can see this light is enormously bright.

The other thing is, if you shine the light in someone’s eyes, it completely removes their vision. You can’t see anything other than the light. Okay Even if they’re threatening you, keep it in their eyes. Most of the time they won’t close. If they’re going to approach, they still can’t see. Pens are really valuable defense tool because one designed properly, you can carry them everywhere. Easy to use, writes very well, and if you need it as a force multiplier, it’s a very effective tool.

Aircraft grade aluminum, so it’ll penetrate, it’ll break bones You know and you’d grasp it, like this in an ice-pick grip or you’d hold it like this to thrust. Okay, between your fingers okay, so that’s an icepick grip so Yes to thrust – boom. Because if you’re that close, this is serious now. So you hit them hard. It’ll go in, which is good. And it’ll hurt like heck more than a knife does because it’s not sharp. It’s sharp enough to penetrate, but it hurts and what we want is, shock disengagement right so that you can get away. It’s not your job to engage people. If I grabbed you to hold you and you took that pen in an ice-pick Grip and you hit me on the back of the hand. If you hit hard you can feel on yourself that’s going to break bones is going to cause an enormous amount of pain a lot of nerves. Keep the light in there eyes and keep hitting them. You know like right behind the clavicle. Up in the neck. Okay keeping the light in my eyes with one, okay?

Okay, and just really going to work with the pen until they quit. We don’t swing the light at people to hit them. Okay, I’d very much disagree with that. Okay, once I start swinging the light on or off you have an option or possibility of blocking it. If I continue to blind your eyes, everything else I do from behind that light you can’t see. So when you approach your car, always have your flashlight in your hand. And then your keys that you want to hold it like this So that you could then if somebody grabbed you, you just drill them in the hands, or if they grabbed you instead of the hand, just drill them right in the face. Eyes. Drill them in the throat. Okay, they feel nice and solid so you could hit no problem. It’s gonna be at soft tissue as much as possible anyway. Once you have to engage, let out the inner You keep the light in his eyes, bring the pen out… Now leave the light here. Take a step to your right but relax so the light stays where it is. But leave the light here. Okay, so what I want you to do is, look at this if I hold the light here and I step and it’s in your eyes, you still think I’m here. Okay, so you keep it in his eyes. Okay. Light in his eyes. Shine it. Push in. Okay, step to your right, leaving the light here, and then see you’re at an angle. Yes Go ahead and make that motion several times because you’re going to light him up. Because all he sees is the light. If it’s in his eyes. He has no idea that you move sideways So we have several things: you can’t see, surprise, shock, pain. When I teach people to use knives, the knife is not used as a tool to intimidate people. It’s not flashed around.

The bad person should not see that knife until they’re feeling it. This is a weapon of last resort for civilians. Do not use it unless it’s absolutely necessary, and if it then gets down to serious business. Don’t buy the B.S. that, “Oh they’ll take it away from you and use it on you.” Because you’re going to be in banshee mode, and the only thing that they’re going to get is the business end of things, right? Pen and knife are used almost the same way Using this, hold it this way with the edge towards you so that you could…Because it’s a small blade. You can’t slash a lot with a blade this small. It just doesn’t have contact enough. Put your thumb over there you go and just If you are in real danger, then you just let it go Okay, anything that touches you first and then, unless he runs away, you just keep whacking him until he’s either down or he runs away. Most importantly I feel empowered to defend myself. I guess it’s not that hard to have the right tools with you at all times, and with very little instruction, can defend yourself.