Is Your WordPress site safe yet?

Protect your website and data from hackers and botnets in just 60 seconds using the world’s first 3 click security dashboard, it works around the clock and protects you from hackers botnets spyware viruses Trojans and more for a special one-time price that is not to be repeated.

The first step is just to copy and paste a snippet of code. And this will activate your website so you can monitor what types of threats occur.  You will get alerts via email or text messages that would alert you to these attacks in real time.

So this includes security like DDoS monitoring, blocking my SQL injections, stopping brute-force, crawl BOTS and virus tracks as well.

it’s just a piece of code, not a wordpress plugin or huge software that you have to download and upload It’s a Simple code and the size of that code is in kilobytes So it’s not going to slow the website.

There will be a snippet you want to copy onto your website . You’ll be able to see the visitors the total visits and also monitor  against DDoS them and then after that you want to notify you can put in your email address here and you can also put a phone number here and hit safe

Finding a  fake WP scanner  tracks Network changes, which is a usually an indicator of a threat, of a fighting scat scanner. So it’s a safeguard against, these type of attacks. Peace of mind regarding prevention of clickjacking  Cookie theft scanner to guarantee your affiliates to get their cookies that won’t be stolen. So if you’re finding the attacks coming from a specific IP and it will tell you via email so you can click ban IP and that IP address will not be able to access your website ever, which is pretty amazing. It’s so hard. These guys are so knowledgeable in hacking. A little help is always useful.

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