Cybersecurity Quick Tips: Stop & Think Before You Click the Link

If every single person had the sixth sense to go “that doesn’t look right” I’d reckon we’d probably get rid of about 80% of our problems, it’s that 80% number again isn’t it And I say that because if we thought our passwords were bad if we thought that email looked dodgy, we’ve got rid of phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, password reuse issues, password stuffing, brute forcing, all that goes away.

And its a very simple thing to just go “this doesn’t look right, I need to behave differently.” In the UK we have this wonderful thing, the green cross code, fully across the road, stop, think, just stop, listen, think. What is it for cyber? Before you click that link you should go “this doesn’t look right, a man in Nigeria doesn’t want to give me $70 million dollars, I shouldn’t be looking at this, where is that? We need to stop, think before you click the link.

We need a buzz word phrase to get the population to then uplift and go “alright, now we’ll get rid of the big stuff.” .

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